Windows 8 Utsav in Birgunj: Venue II

In December 01, 2012, Microsoft Innovation Center Nepal supported Dynamic Technology, a local company in Birgunj to host a Windows 8 Utsav event where more than 250 students participated. The event was held at Hotel Makalu with the inauguration ceremony being held in the presence of Guest of Honor, Ashok Kumar Temani, President of Birgunj Chapter-FNCCI.


Pradeep Kandel and Suprasiddha Tamrakar, Technical Specialists were the guest speakers representing Microsoft Innovation Center Nepal, Kathmandu.

The first session began with brief introduction about Microsoft Innovation Center Nepal’s programs and initiatives that are primarily focused in Kathmandu. Pradeep talked about Microsoft Certification programs and the series of Windows Apps Development Camps that MIC Nepal has been conducting for the benefit of IT student community in Nepal. In the second session, Pradeep focused on the core part of program that was none other than Introduction to Windows 8, its new features and how it was more capable than earlier versions of Windows operating systems including Windows 7.


One of the important points that he consistently focused in during his session was the new form of opportunities that Windows 8 was able to create for the budding and professional developers. The session was followed by Suprasiddha Tamrakar who succinctly talked about more features of Window 8 including Bitlocker, Windows To Go and Powershell. Microsoft Innovation Center Nepal (MIC) Nepal has hosted and supported four Windows 8 Utsav in its own premises and more than 25 events at various STEM-D colleges with the support from Microsoft Student Partners from the respective colleges. MIC Nepal has also organized and supported Windows 8 Utsavs in Butwal and Chitwan in the past.


Mr Deepak Shah, CEO of Dynamic Technology left a closing remark before the end of the event.

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