June Roundup of WinServer Community

In its endeavor to provide a forum for IT professional to enable them to develop a culture of sharing and learning, WinServer Community organized its monthly roundup for June at Unlimited Technologies, Unlimited Building, Khichapokhari, Opp Pashupati Plaza in Kathmandu, NEPAL on Friday, June 21, 2013. Total of 44 people attended the meeting.

The monthly roundup focused on the following topics.

• Windows Azure


• SQL Administration

•IPv6 Basics

The community meeting started at around 3:40pm with an introductory presentation about WinServer Community, its plans and objectives by Pradeep Kandel. Pradeep, Technical Specialist at Microsoft Innovation Center Nepal then talked about Windows Azure, the cloud computing infrastructure. As the world is moving towards the cloud, the presentation on this topic beckoned significance to the meeting attendees.


(Photo 1: Pradeep Kandel introducing WinServer Community and Windows Azure in the Monthly Roundup)

(Photo 2: Basant Shrestha delivering session on IPV6 and its various features.)

The next presentation was delivered by Basant Shrestha. He presented about the next level of communication protocol- IPv6: Features, advantages and limitations in today’s world of computing where billions of devices are digitally connected through IP. Mr. Basant is a freelancer and provides technical consultancy to Jagadamba Group in Nepal.

The next presentation was from Prakash Shrestha, Database Lecturer/ Module Lead from Islington College. He presented about SQL Server and its features. He gave a brief introduction on SQL Server 2012 and also further talked about its new features and how SQL Server 2012 was an improvement over its predecessors.


(Photo 3: Suprasiddha Tamrakar talking about AD DS and its features.)
(Photo 4: Allen Tuladhar talking about Windows as a Client & Consumerization)
(Photo 5: Prakash Shrestha talking about SQL Server features.)


After the session on SQL, the community witnessed the presence of Allen Bailochan Tuladhar, Country Director for Microsoft Innovation Center in Nepal.  The community participants were glad to see his unexpected presence who briefly talked about Windows Client and Consumerization and related topics based on his experiences. Also, as a supporter for the WinServer Community, he raised few questions in the meeting on how MIC Nepal could help WinServer Community to grow further and become more meaningful to the target audience in the upcoming days. He assured the community members that MIC Nepal is ready to help WinServer Community in all possible ways.

The final presentation was by Suprasiddha Tamrakar on Active Directory Domain Services. Active Directory (AD) is a directory service for Windows domain networks. Mr. Suprasiddha, Technical Specialist from MIC Nepal beautifully explained the need for Domain Services for medium to large sized organizations along with some of its features and functionalities.  The roundup concluded around 6:00 PM. Many thanks to Microsoft Innovation Center Nepal for serving light refreshments to the participants.

Community Poll

Acharya Sandesh says:

“Today, WinServer Meeting monthly round up at MIC was great. Learned so many things about new technologies. Hope to explore and learned more in the upcoming round up. Hope to see the same participants in the next meeting.”

निरन्जन बस्नेत says:

“Had awesome roundup meeting for Win server community!!!! Learned a lot about SQL server 2012, Windows Azure, and Active Directory!!!! Presenters were great while giving us technical overviews of recent technology!!! Looking forward to attend further roundups.”

Nitesh Shrestha says:

“Really awesome presentations. Got to learn something new. Awesome as always. Got to see Allen sir presenting. Totally new experience.”

Khanal Sandeep says:

“Being on the meeting for the first time was fun. Win Server Community, Keep being Awesome!”


Photo 6: Some snaps taken from the community meeting.

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