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My Gosaikunda Trekking Experience

Extracted from my personal diary

August 20, 2005:

A day when Kathmandu saw a perfect sunshine from the east in the morning. Days of this sort are almost common for the Kathmanduites but rightfully it was different for me. We were eight of us and probably I was the youngest in the group. Rest of the friends being members of the then eminent slow rock music band AXIX. A 4-days long trip to Gosaikunda, which is nearly 80 km west to Kathmandu valley was fabulous.

We started our journey early but reached our first day destination i.e. Dhunchhe, the headquarter of Rasuwa district via a van at 9 in the evening. We all admired the natural magnificence of the hills, rivers and water streams which went by our way. That is, to be more precise, we were already inside Langtang National Park by now. We rented a hotel, ate everythin’ whatever they served, along with a goblet of ‘Tumba’ (a famous local hard syrup) and rested till east glowed warm.

Then, our expedition actually started completely by foot. The adventurous trekking which was too steep upward was astonishing and in the name of support, we just had a stud stick but yeah it did serve our purpose. The voyage continued consistently exactly in the same manner till dusk but to our utter dismay, we could not make it to our final destination. We were too tired to step forward…and as we rolled our eyes around and to our amazement the place appeared us as the ‘skeleton island’ in ‘King Kong’… hehe! yeah really! the place was too spooky for us…

We camped at a safe site and waited for the next daybreak. Our trekking expedition continued with same zeal among us and …and eventually, we reached our final destination ‘Gosaikunda’ at 12 noon sharp.

We were in cloud nine to learn that we reached an altitude half the height of Mt. Everest.

What??? Half de’ height of Mt. Everest!!!

Hehehe…We laughed n we almost cried.

It was a perfect journey with perfect fun…

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