‘Bing’ Search Engine Challenges ‘Google’

Bing is Microsoft’s answer to all competitive search engines including Google and Yahoo. But, as far as I understand, Microsoft is preferably calling its new search engine ‘Bing’, a “decision engine,” aiming to bring a change in user perception and make the search engine stand out from the crowd. Bing went live  on May 28, 2009, but the actual decision engine started to bing from yesterday onwards!

Pradeep Kandel Bings Pradeep Kandel

Since this release of Bing.com is a beta, not all of the features are available yet but it’s possible to get a pretty good understanding of what sets it apart from Google and Yahoo search engines. I loved one of the Bing features most that, if you move your mouse cursor into the right side of the individual search result, then you will find a copy of the text found on the website listed. Yes, Bing does it, but sorry, Google doesn’t. check it out yourself!

Bing Versus Google

Folks, I have also gathered few other interesting specialties of Bing decision engine. So, Enjoy reading it and just ‘Bing’ anything you want to search and decide for yourself!

  • Searchers can choose the best option for their search need.
  • Bing can provide best match and useful links and information.
  • Quick Preview of the any website is possible.
  • Bing will Auto-Suggest the search queries.
  • Bing contains Explore Pane which includes a table of contents of the various Web Groups generated by your search query.
  • Viewing Images and Video in Bing is easy. (By the way, you don’t have to click and click again and again)
  • Images can be filtered by size, aspect ratio, color, style and face. etc.
  • Video can be filtered by duration, aspect ratio, resolution or source. etc.
  • We can search over 16 million videos across the popular video website like MSN, AOL, MTV, ESPN, YouTube, MySpace, Metacafe and Hulu etc.
  • Bing provides access to your Session History in the Explorer Pane within a single browser session for up to 48 hours.
  • We can compare the rankings of favorite celebrity using xRank feature.
  • Bing Shopping currently lists products for more than 540 online retailers like Lenovo, HP Home & Home Office Store, Buy.com, etc.
  • User-friendly Quick Tabs search results with one click.
  • Bing can provide related searches including videos in the search results page.
  • Related Searches are displayed in the left-hand navigation.
  • Rich Listing Results which display favorite restaurant location, phone number, one-click directions and menu.
  • Travel information is at your fingertips. For example, Hotel Accommodations, Flight timings, etc.
  • User can refine the search using Search Refinement functionality.
  • Bing easily provides information about medical, symptoms, diagnosis and medical procedures from nine trusted medical resources like Mayo Clinic, the American Cancer Society and MedlinePlus.
  • Bing simplifies tasks and provides great insight.
  • The main focus of the bing is Health, Local , Shopping and Travel.
  • Bing can be accessed through Mobile at http://m.Bing.com.

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