IT professionals and developers convening at Dev/Tech Day 2014

DevTechDay2014Dev/Tech 2014 is a technical education and networking event for any technology professional or a software developer interested in learning, connecting and exploring a broad set of current and soon-to-be-released Microsoft technologies, tools, platforms and services. The main objective of this program, Dev/Tech 2014 is to disseminate technology knowledge of IT professionals and Enterprise developers through discussion and practice in the community. We, at MIC Nepal believe that the learning process should not be limited to schools and colleges as this is a journey not a destination. And, the real learning is possible only thru teaching and sharing knowledge with the immediate coherent community that one belongs to.

Now in its second year, Dev/Tech Day aims to bring people together under one roof from various backgrounds to educate them about Microsoft products by bringing about a high-end conference on technologies that have never been discussed or trained in the past in Nepal, primarily those that were released currently or say that are hot in the industry today. Apart from this, we would also like to make this conference as an opportunity where Microsoft Community including different IT communities, could have a better platform for interaction and relation building in a relaxed and peaceful environment.

Dev/Tech Day Last Year: In Dev/Tech Day 2013, over 230 people attended the conference at Shankar Hotel in Lazimpat., Kathmandu. Among them were people, some of whom had great app development ideas, and others who were managing challenging enterprise IT projects representing various private and public companies. It was enriching to have such a mix of software developers and technology enthusiasts at the conference for they came with different experiences and ideas. A blog posted by Microsoft Citizenship last year can be viewed here:

In a nutshell, Dev/Tech can be assumed to be taken as training cum peer-to-peer networking experience to gear-up the Microsoft Community to better understand and fulfill the requirements.

About the Conference: The Dev/Tech 2014 Conference, in short Dev/Tech 2014 is a full day event. Dev/Tech 2014 will feature various cutting edge Microsoft technologies for whole day with three halls running three parallel sessions running each of deep-down technical briefing. A lot of this curriculum will be gotten from Microsoft Learning First Look Clinics and also as per the technology relevance in the local industry.

Primarily, one of the halls will have technology presentations and discussions on IT Professional’s track while the other two will focus on Software Developer’s track and Database track respectively. For better insight & manageability of the individual session, IT Pro’s track will be handled by WinServer Community, while Developer’s track will be taken care by ASPNET Community.

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