Access to Windows 7 RTM?

Many of you might be interested to know exactly when you will be able to get your hands on RTM, but folks, when you can have access to Windows 7 RTM entirely depends upon who you are! Who you are in the sense, whether you are ‘ Microsoft Partners(Independent Software Vendor and Independent Hardware Vendor)’ & Original Equipment Manufacturers(OEMs) or Business Customers or simply an enthusiast. Microsofties have categorized these group of people into different names and have already declared few important dates on when they would be getting the RTM code.

All the Partners & OEMs i.e ISV (Independent software vendor) and IHV (Independent hardware vendor) Partners will be able to download Windows 7 RTM from Microsoft Connect or MSDN on August 6th. Similarly, the TechNet and Microsoft Developer Network (MSDN) subscribers will also have access through their respective TechNet or MSDN portals on this day.

Microsoft Partner Program Gold/Certified Members will be able to download Windows 7 RTM through the Microsoft Partner Network (MPN) Portal on August 16th while Microsoft Action Pack Subscribers will have access downloading it starting August 23rd.

Sad but true, I do not fall under any of the categories above. But, as a Microsoft Student Partner and a technology enthusiast, I have been enjoying the Windows 7 beta release and the latest Release Candidate. Now, I have a doubt if I would be able to enjoy RTM too as for this is the final build which will be appearing in software vendors by 22nd October, 2009.

It is said, ‘Where there is will, there is a way’. Let me check out this time, if there is a way for me, since I am no less willing to test RTM as well.

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