Getting Rid of Annoying Facebook Notifications

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Folks! the stuff I have brought for you this time is something which may not be of everyone’s concern. Yet, I personally feel that everyone of you who is reading this blog post do have a facebook account. Using a facebook has always been fun and informative as well but the notifications it gives always haunts me. Do you constantly have like 99 new notifications, marked with the little red button at the bottom right in your Facebook account? Would you like to only receive important notifications, such as comments from friends, and skip the stuff various applications send you? Teso bhaye read on.

This isn’t a new feature though, but I thought why simply endure thousands of notifications and updates from applications and pages when you don’t exactly want them. So, I believe, it’s a better idea to simply turn them off. Here are a couple of ways to do it.

Click on the red “Notifications” button at the bottom right corner in Facebook. Click on “See All.” On the right, you’ll see a long list of every application that sends you notifications, and you can turn them off by unchecking them. Be careful, Facebook’s own applications which are probably useful to you, such as feed comments, are also on the list, so you’ll probably want to leave them checked.

An screenshot of the notification panel which you can see when you click “See All”.

facebook notification

That’s all! Enjoy your fresh new, unnecessary notifications free Facebook.

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