Virtual PC: An overview

Microsoft Virtual PC is a product that enables us to run several operating systems inside our existing one, each one of them acting as a real PC. This is very useful when we have a problem of system incompatibility. A virtual PC can share its network with the host operating system, making it possible to run several virtual machines at one, simulating a complete network, acting as if it were unique servers on the network.

This makes a very fantastic use before deploying something to the real production servers. In the other hand, It also saves reconfiguration time so that we can increase up our convenience and efficiency without wasting much time.


Please, make note that above  interface is a screenshot of Microsoft Virtual PC environment.

Windows Virtual PC (Beta) is the latest Microsoft virtualization technology that allows us to run many productivity applications on a virtual Windows environment, with a single click, directly from a Windows 7-based PC.

You may want to download Windows Virtual PC (beta) here:

(Please, make sure that your PC has Windows 7 RC installed in it. Windows 7 beta do not support this feature.)

You may also want to download Microsoft Virtual PC 2007 here:

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