Open/Save Microsoft Office 2007 documents in Office 2003

Are you using office 2003? Is your hardware incompatible to support Microsoft Office 2007? If it is the case, I am damn sure you are facing big problems when you are required to open and save files that are created in Office 2007 format.

But, don’t you worry folks, you have an easy solution only few clicks away. What you only need to do is to simply install the Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack in order to use 2007 Microsoft Office documents in Office XP, Office 2003, or Office 2000.

Remember, you may also be required to install additional updates to your Office programs if they have not already been installed.

When you are done with installing the Compatibility Pack,select an Office 2007 document( I have selected Word 2007) and simply right click it, now you have the new option in the scroll bar as in the screenshot below:

Demo by Pradeep Kandel

You may download the Office Compatibility Pack from here:

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